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Customer Testimonials

I hired the team at KPC after getting rear-ended by a commercial truck. After going through a surgery on my left knee the team at KPC set-up occupational therapy and physiotherapy treatment in my home. They completed all the paper-work for me allowing for me to concentrate on my recovery. The settlement that was reached with the Insurance Company was an amount that was double then I was expecting.

Sherry K

After my son suffered a Brain Injury the insurance company gave me the run-around and went on to deny vital treatment for my son. They sent my son to their own experts to discredit his story. The team at KPC set us up with proper Occupational Therapy to help my son. They restored his benefits at mediation and got a settlement that should allow my son to live in dignity for the rest of his life.

David Williams

After getting rear-ended in a car accident I suffered from severe back pain, which would not subside after 6 month. The insurance company denied further treatment. The team at KPC set me up with physiotherapy that would treat my problems even though they would not get paid till settlement. They reinstated my Income Replacement and sent me to Medical Experts that trusted what I was telling them. The insurance company settled, agreeing that I was suffering from Chronic Pain.

Scott Feilman

The team at KPC was very courteous. They responded immediately to all my concerns and phone calls. They also set me up with psychotherapy for my driving anxiety after my accident, which the insurance company did not want to acknowledge.

Raj K

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