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Toronto product liability lawyers

You may be familiar with occasions when manufacturers have been forced to have a recall for products that have been deemed defective and which had the potential to result in risk or injury to their customers. One famous case is the recall of Toyotas a couple of years ago during which Toyota had to recall more than two million vehicles. In this particular instance the gas pedal would become jammed against floor mats. Can you picture yourself driving along and your gas pedal becomes stuck and you are unable to slow down? This is an illustration of a product that is defective and has the potential to result in injury to customers due to manufacturer negligence.

Toronto product liability lawyers specialize in this type of situation, in order to assist individuals who have experienced injury as the result of a product defect.

Common Products that are Subject to Liability

Children's toys are a type of product that is frequently recalled. Most of us have seen parents on newscasts that have had children injured due to a defective toy that was purchased in their local toy store.

Some people might not know that they can make a claim against the manufacturer in these instances. A Toronto product liability lawyer who specializes in claims that are associated with defective products can take action on behalf of their clients to construct a legal case against a maker of defective products to make sure that the injured party is properly compensated for injuries that have resulted from such defects.

How are Products Considered Defective

A product may be classified as defective by a number of mechanisms. At times, it is not the product, but the documentation associated with the product that is defective. Certain products may have some inherent dangers associated with them that will require certain precautions to be sure accidents are prevented. We can use a very generic example. If you buy bleach in the supermarket and there is not a warning on the label of the container stating that it is necessary to put on rubber gloves when using it since it can cause skin burns, then the product may be classified as a defective product, because no warning was present regarding the potential injury it may cause.

In this instance, it is the right of the consumer to make a product liability claim since the maker of the product was negligent. They did not furnish consumers with an adequate warning in regard totheir product, and this negligence places consumers at risk of injury.

Claims for Product Liability

A product liability claim may be brought against everyone in the distribution chain of the product. This will be inclusive of the manufacturer, distributor, and the retail outlet selling the product. The claim for liability would usually fall upon the party in the distribution chain that is responsible for ensuring product safety.

Toronto product liability lawyers who have a specialization in claims for defective products will have the expertise and experience to know upon whom a claim should be made and the chances that the consumer who was injured by the defective product will be successful in receiving damages for the claim.

If you have been injured due to a product defect, then your should contact a Toronto product liability lawyer and have them make an assessment of your individual circumstances to ascertain if a case can be brought for you for an injury that has resulted from a manufacturer's negligence.

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