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Personal Injury Lawyers

Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers helped thousands of accidents victims receive the necessary benefits and compensation that they are entitled too. KPC Personal Injury Lawyers is committed to protecting our clients’ rights, ensuring that justice is served and being a proud member of the community. Our team is comprised of experienced lawyers with decades of personal injury experience. We can handle any personal injury case, no matter how complex.

Personal Injury is our specialty and client satisfaction is our focus. Personal injury victims from all over Ontario and Toronto have relied on KPC Personal Injury Lawyers to fight for their rights and obtain maximum compensation for their injuries. Our experience in personal injury litigation and millions of dollars recovered allow us to make the “no recovery = no fee guarantee” where you don’t pay if we don’t win.


If you’ve been injured, you need representation that you can count on. Our dedicated team of personal injury lawyers specialize in getting the maximum compensation for victims that have suffered catastrophic injuries, orthopaedic injuries, brain and spinal cord injuries, chronic pain and injuries of psychological nature.

We work diligently to ensure that justice is served and keep you informed and involved every step of the way. KPC Personal Injury Lawyers only focuses on personal injury matters and has the resources to handle the most complex of cases. If distance prevents you from coming to our office we will be able to come to wherever it is convenient for you.

Our long established personal injury practice has been built on four pillars: compassion, commitment, experience, and results.


When you come in for your initial consultation, our representative will determine your needs based on your unique situation. Your case is then taken over by a personal injury lawyer who is best suited to work on your case. Our team and vast network includes experts in all areas of Canadian Personal Injury law. We work with a network of medical professional all over Ontario and if your case requires professional services such as medical examinations or treatments, we can coordinate all the necessary parties to ensure that you receive the best of care.

With KPC law on your side, you can be confident your case is in the hands of the most dedicated legal professionals in Ontario. With our roots in the community and our commitment to getting to know each client personally, we know what it takes to understand clients as individuals and find solutions that work for them. Our commitment to our clients is our a guarantee: We offer free initial consultations and there is no cost to you until the case is settled or won.

If you have suffered injuries due to negligent or reckless behavior of another party such as Car accidents, Medical malpractice, Premises liability and more, you should file a personal injury case for you to get compensation for your injuries. Apart from the pain and suffering from physical injuries, there are fears about medical costs, loss of income and even the possibility of permanent impairment. Accident lawyers Toronto recognize that personal injury lawsuits can often involve a complex interaction of various laws and regulations and they are ready to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Types of Compensation and Benefits

You are entitled to compensation mainly in monetary terms for your injuries caused to you due to negligence of another party. There are various kinds of damages for which you may obtain compensation which include:

Past wage loss: You are entitled to be compensated your total net wage loss if you can no longer work due to injuries caused by another person.

Non-pecuniary damages (suffering, pain and loss of pleasures of life): Aims to compensate you through monetary means, the suffering, pain, disruption and other inconveniences to your life as a result of your injuries.

Out-of-pocket expenses: Aims at compensating the injured party for expenses incurred that he/she could not have incurred if he/she was not injured. These expenses may include medications, massage therapies, taxi fees and more.

Cost of future medical treatment and care: Compensates you for expenses related to continuing and future treatment and care.

Loss of future earnings: This damage aims to compensate the loss of income incurred from the period of your accident to the expected date of retirement or return to work.

Special damages: Compensates the plaintiff for expenses such as drugs, orthopedic shoes crutches and artificial limbs.

Other types of compensation include, loss of future earning capacity; money management fees; court order interest; and disbursements and legal costs.

Advantages of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Assists in Negotiating Your Claim: Toronto personal injury lawyer will negotiate the amount of your compensation with the insurance company or with the court on your behalf. This will ensure that the insurance company will not benefit at your expense.

No Win, No Pay: Most of the Toronto car accident lawyers charge an eventuality fee where, if you don't win the case or rather you are not awarded any kind of compensation, you do not pay.

Gives you advice of what to say/do and what to expect: Accident lawyers Toronto will tell you what compensation options may be available for you and will collect the required proof to confirm your claim. Our lawyers will also give you all necessary details concerning the nature of your claim and also determine the amount of compensation needed.

Determination of Legitimate claims: Our lawyers can easily determine the legitimate claims, thus focus only on them. This saves you time and money because working on only legitimate claims means that less time will be wasted and fewer liens will be paid to medical insurers, hospitals, etc.

Maximizing Your Recovery: Toronto personal injury Lawyers have the reputation of negotiating high compensation for personal injury claims.

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