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Toronto Disability Lawyer

Your Toronto disability lawyer fully understands that disability as the result of an auto accident, workplace accident, or other unfortunate event is a life changing event. No matter how the incident occurs that results in serious health problems, you should consult a Toronto disability lawyer. There are numerous issues that must be considered when an incident causes health problems that alter an individual’s life. These types of life changing accidents are called catastrophic accidents.

Life changing health care problems can be caused by an automobile accident, injury in the workplace, or a slip or fall that damages the head or spinal column. The legal system views cases that have long term disability as their outcome differently than other types of cases. Accidents that cause temporary health problems, or short-term disability and a temporary work loss, have limits upon the compensation that can be awarded. For accidents that are catastrophic and result in life-long impairment this is not the case. Your Toronto disability lawyer and the legal system are cognizant that the full benefits a victim is entitled to should be pursued.

Dealing With Insurance

Typically in catastrophic cases insurance providers will battle in order to place limitations on the compensation a victim will receive. This is the reason that the public often has a negative view of insurance companies. Nevertheless, insurance providers will try to limit their costs most of the time. A Toronto disability lawyer will usually face tough opposition from the insurance provider when the case is taken to court. Therefore, it is important that the disability lawyer meticulously document all aspects of the case and provide proof of how the catastrophic accident occurred and when it occurred.

In cases that involve an automobile accident this may mean proving the fault of a particular driver. If the accident occurred in the workplace, it will mean providing documentation that indicates the employer was cognizant of a potential harmful situation and did not take corrective action. There are numerous facets of an accident that must be discussed and considered in regard to events that result in long-term disability. A Toronto disability lawyer will have to examine the future prospects of the injured party in addition to the details that pertain to the accident.

Health Questions Your Lawyer Will Handle

The lawyer will have to make a determination of the type and extent of long term health care that will be necessary. Will the victim have the ability to work again in the future? These types of question are very hard to consider, however, it will be necessary for your disability lawyer to pose them. Your disability lawyer will fully comprehend how emotionally stressful these types of questions will be for you. If the lawyer has your permission, he or she will frequently discuss these issues with your doctors in order to relieve you from discussing these emotional issues.

Unfortunately, a number of these questions can only be answered by you. Your disability lawyer will be as tactful and sensitive as possible, however, they must collect all the facts regarding this incident in order to represent your case in an effective manner.

Long Term Disability

Long-term disability claims are stressful, traumatic, and complex. Insurance companies are very hard to deal with when it comes to long-term disability. The delay in processing the claim, all the red tape and mountains of paperwork seem like they were designed specifically to make accident victims give up on trying to obtain the compensation that they deserve. Recovering from an accident is a process that is both time-consuming and costly, yet insurance companies often deny legitimate claims for illegitimate reasons.

If your long-term disability claim has been denied, contact KPC Law today for a free consultation. Our lawyers have the experience necessary to navigate the complex process of filing a successful long-term disability claim and have helped countless people from all over Ontario get the benefits that they deserve.

Don’t take no for an answer when dealing with the insurance company, let KPC Law fight for your rights. Our track record speaks for itself, call us today!

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